Y is for … You said, we did

 In Speak Up Month

Helen Martin

Freedom to Speak Up Guardian for Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital  and Poole Hospital Foundation Trusts.

Some common feedback I received when talking about the importance of speaking up was, “what is the point as nothing changes”.

Because of this the Freedom to Speak Up team at University Hospital Dorset went to work to raise a “you said, we did” message.  We approached some of our staff who have spoken up in the past to help design our literature with messages outlining how speaking up has resulted in change.

Part of this campaign also looked to interview someone for a short video.  Shilpa in this video, could not get to the camera quick enough as she was so keen to share her story and highlight how the Freedom to Speak Up team helped support her to resolve her concern.  I cannot thank her enough as I know that other workers have come to us because of this video and I am so proud that it has had the impact as we hoped for.

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