Statement from the National Guardian on Gosport War Memorial Hospital

“Freedom to Speak Up – freedom is when the environment supports speaking up, with the right actions being taken as a result. Without this freedom workers are enslaved in a culture of fear

“It is an insult to everyone that spoke up about the issues at Gosport War Memorial Hospital to say that staff should have raised concerns. It is clear that the reason why dangerous practice persisted was due to the lack of decisive actions by leaders, in many parts of health but also the wider system

“Once again it is the persistence of elected politicians which has shone the disinfectant of sunlight onto the inadequate response to speaking up from workers and families.

“Leaders in all parts of the health system need to take heed from this report – to be aware that individuals in their organisations know about issues about which they do not feel safe to speak up. The call to action is for everyone to listen hard, take the right actions and ignore speaking up at your peril.”

Dr Henrietta Hughes, National Guardian for the NHS

June 21, 2018