Speak Up Month continues

Messages of support for Speak Up Month continue, with videos from NHS Improvement, NHS England, NHS Health Education and NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard.

Dido Harding, Chair of NHS Improvement, urges workers to speak up, this month and every month. “We all have a role to play,” she says.

Prerana Issar Chief People Officer at NHS England says “We should create the conditions that it’s everyone’s responsibility to Listen Up.”

Sir David Behan, Chair of NHS Health Education England says “For people to voice their concerns they need to be heard and that means those of us in senior positions need to listen too.”

Celebrating Black History Month and Speak Up Month, Dr Henrietta Hughes and Yvonne Coghill WRES Director talk about why speaking up is important.
“If you have an issue and you have a problem, you need to speak up. There is a direct correlation between not speaking up and patient care,” says Yvonne.

October 18, 2019