Speak Up Month 2019 draws to a close

As Speak Up Month draws to a close, Dr Henrietta Hughes thanks Freedom to Speak Up Guardians for all their hard work raising awareness of speaking up with workers.

We’ve seen trees planted, a Speak Up flag, pledges made, quizzes, word searches and many many cakes. There has even been a SpeakUpulance – a Speak Up ambulance

The events we’ve seen over this month show how Guardians work proactively to address barriers to speaking up, by engaging with different workers whether that’s staff side, complaints teams, safety and incidents, staff networks and others to identify hot-spots and make improvements. This month has been about making Guardians even more visible, so that no one can say they don’t know who to speak up to.

We’ve collated some of the activities together in this short video

November 1, 2019