Regional Integration Events and Covid-19

In light of public health concerns, we have decided to change the remaining three scheduled Regional Integration and Development Events to online webinars.

While there is currently no direct advice to stop events, we are mindful of the need for those who work in health to be reactive to the situation and do not feel it appropriate for us to be requesting frontline workers for non-essential meetings at this time.

The rapidly evolving Covid-19 situation is impacting people’s ability to attend events; some organisations are not permitting their staff to attend, and one of our proposed venues has become unavailable as a result of the developing situation.

When organisations are under additional strain, or crisis situations, it can become even more important that there is an additional channel for workers to speak up to. We are are looking into how we can best support Freedom to Speak Up Guardians as the situation evolves, so that they might best support their colleagues.

March 12, 2020