Latest Freedom to Speak Up Index published

Today we publish the latest Freedom to Speak Up (FTSU) Index. The FTSU Index is a key metric for organisations to monitor their speaking up culture.

Measuring the effect of culture change can be difficult. The acid test is the view of workers. The NHS Annual Staff Survey can help to give some indication as to whether Freedom to Speak Up is embedded within Trusts detailing whether staff feel knowledgeable, encouraged and supported to raise concerns and if they agree they would be treated fairly if involved in an error, near miss or incident.

The index has risen nationally from 75.5 per cent in 2015 to 78.7 per cent in 2019.

Fostering a positive speaking up culture sits firmly with the leadership and we can see that organisations with higher FTSU Index scores tend to be rated as Outstanding or Good by CQC.

All organisations should use the FTSU Index to help identify areas where workers feel less supported to speak up and to focus on ways to improve. This is especially important for those organisations which feature lower down the FTSU Index. It is good practice for all organisations to look at the results of their staff surveys to understand the reality of how workers feel about speaking up.

For organisations which appear lower down on the FTSU Index, we would encourage you to identify higher scoring or most improved Trusts in your region, and find out what you can learn from how they are embedding Freedom to Speak Up in their organisations.

Read the FTSU Index Report

July 9, 2020