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What does ‘good’ culture look like?

Using data and the Model Hospital to improve your organisational culture

Model Hospital Team

One of the questions often asked by Boards and senior leaders is how can we understand what ‘good’ looks like?

During this Speak Up Month, we are working with the National Guardian’s Office to provide some insight into organisational culture. Using the data provided to Freedom to Speak Up Guardians, combined with other relevant metrics, we can get a holistic picture of what the culture looks like and begin to examine the impact Freedom to Speak Up is having within organisations.

If you work in an NHS trust, data on your organisation’s culture, engagement and behaviour can now be accessed through the Model Hospital in a newly developed ‘Culture and Engagement’ area. This new area of the Model Hospital has been populated with a range of speaking up indicators, including data from Freedom to Speak Up (FTSU) Guardians in NHS trusts on the speaking up cases raised with them.

Key metrics include:

  • Bullying and harassment cases reported to FTSU Guardians
  • Patient safety and quality cases reported to FTSU Guardians
  • All cases reported to FTSU Guardians
  • Staff sickness and staff turnover.

Through the Model Hospital, you can compare your metrics with your peers to help build a comprehensive picture of your organisational culture and identify opportunities to improve. Regular review of these metrics will enable you to better understand whether your organisation’s improvement initiatives are having a positive impact.

The Model Hospital is currently available to those working in NHS trusts (including FTSU guardians), CCGs, and other NHS staff in systems. Log in today to review your data: model.nhs.uk  

For Freedom to Speak Up Guardians, we will be holding a ‘Lunch and Learn’ webinar in November to talk through the ‘Culture and Engagement’ area in more detail and provide some tips on how to use the data to help you embed Freedom to Speak Up in your organisation.

About the Model Hospital

The Model Hospital is an NHS digital information service designed to help the NHS improve productivity, quality and efficiency. This free digital tool from NHS Improvement and NHS England enables health systems and trusts to compare their productivity and quality, and identify opportunities to improve. You can use the Model Hospital to dive deeper into your data and compare with peers to understand what good looks like and identify areas for improvement.

The Model Hospital can be used by anyone in the NHS from board to ward. You can explore and compare productivity, quality and responsiveness data to easily identify opportunities to improve. We also provide relevant data for Model Ambulance, Model Mental and Model Community Health Services, and have recently created the Model Health System which provides operational and system-level data across your local STP or ICS area. In addition, we are currently developing a new data area to support your objectives with the People Promise.

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