Case reviews identify areas where the handling of NHS workers’ concerns may not meet the standards of accepted good practice in supporting speaking up. Reviews make recommendations to NHS organisations to take appropriate action where they have yet to follow good practice and will also commend areas of good practice.

For a case to be suitable for review a referral should meet the following criteria:

  • The case referred relates to workers’ concerns about an NHS trust responding appropriately to a concern relating to the treatment of patients and/or workers
  • There is evidence to show that learning may be obtained from reviewing the case
  • It is practicable for the National Guardian’s Office to review the case
  • If the case is referred by someone who previously worked in the NHS they should have ceased working for a period not exceeding two years prior to the referral.

Case review referrals can be sent to the National Guardian’s Office by email to:

When referring by email we recommend that you use the downloadable referral form below. This will help us process your referral promptly.

Please see here for an update on changes we will making to our case review process

You can find out more about case reviews in these FAQs.

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